Dog Hair Dryer, 2 In 1 Hair Dryer Brush Grooming For Small And Medium Dogs And Cats 300w

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Dog Hair Dryer, 2 In 1 Hair Dryer Brush Grooming For Small And Medium Dogs And Cats 300w

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2 IN I Pet Hair Dryer: Pet hair dryer is great for drying and grooming puppies. Wind acts directly on the hair roots and dries quickly, while combing keeps your pet's hair fluffy and smooth during the drying process. The perfect comb hair removal tool for knotted/tangled hair/dead hair and tangles. Prevention of skin diseases: Skin diseases occur very frequently and can easily recur. The main cause of skin disease is that the deepest part of the hair is not completely dry. Regular hair dryers often miss the deepest part of the hair. Pet hair dryers can directly touch the hair roots, keeping your pet away from skin diseases. 3 ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: The 360 annular air outlet is adjusted to ensure enough air outlet in the breeze. The pet dryer has a temperature range of 30 to 55 C to prevent burns and pain from excessive heat. With the 300W motor and 3 settings, you can dry your pet's hair fast. (It takes about 30 minutes to dry a small to medium dog weighing about 17 pounds) Silent Technology: Our dog grooming hair dryers feature a silent motor. The working noise is lower than 65dB, which is much quieter than most pet dryers on the market. This powerful pet dryer is so quiet that it won't scare your beloved pet. The ergonomic size of the dryer handle allows for easy maintenance Hassle-free service: these products are supplied and serviced by Amazon. Please enjoy safe and fast delivery. 100% return/exchange if there is any problem. Buy it with confidence

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