No Starling Poems The Pacific Northwest Poetry Pacific Northwest Poetry Series

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No Starling Poems The Pacific Northwest Poetry Pacific Northwest Poetry Series

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Nance Van Winckel teaches in the graduate creative writing programs at Eastern Washington University and Vermont College. She is the author of four books of poetry and three collections of short stories. Her numerous awards include two National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellowships a Pushcart Prize two Washington State Artist Trust Awards and Poetry Magazine's Friends of Literature Award. After a Spell won the Washington State Governor's Award for Poetry.SlateMy too-sharp lefts kept making the bundle in backsluice right. I was driving with the dead Nancein the truck bed. The gas gauge didn't workso there was an added worry of runningout of juice. Her word. Her word onewindy evening with the carpetsstripped from a floor whichsurprised us as stone - slatefrom the quarry we wereheaded to now but Let's first have ussome juice she'd said then barefoot on bare slate.The truck-bedded Nance wrapped in her winding sheetthuds left clunks right. I'm sorry about my drivingsorry about the million lovely pine moths mottledon my windshield. Thank God here's the quarryand there's the high ledge where as a girl longago she'd stepped bravely from the whitetowel and stared down. Then she'd held her noseand leapt out into it - this same cool and radiant air. Language: English
  • Marque: University of Washington Press
  • Catégorie: Drame, Poésie et Classiques
  • Artiste: Nance Van Winckel
  • Format: Paperback
  • Langue: English
  • Nombre de pages: 76
  • Date de publication: 2007/08/02
  • Editeur / Label: University of Washington Press
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  • Identifiant Fruugo: 67294652-135091495
  • ISBN: 9780295987361
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