Ninebot-33 Equilibrium Remote Controlled Bluetooth Dicyclohexyl Two Wheeled Scooter

1 399,00 €
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Ninebot-33 Equilibrium Remote Controlled Bluetooth Dicyclohexyl Two Wheeled Scooter

Par Xiaomi

Prix : 1 399,00 €
1 399,00 € & la livraison GRATUITE

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Extremely portable, learn to drive in just 3 minutes. Drive to 22 km on a single charge, up to 15 security features.Stay in your Ninebot mini and surprise yourself with the advanced technology that will take you forward. It has a mechanism of self-balancing and moves very simply - just by tilting the body easily. The simplified driving experience is based on advanced control algorithms, precision sensors and high-performance processors. Embark on a new adventure with up to 22 km on a single charge.Just take action and drive like a pro in just minutes. The ergonomic design combines a wide range of precision sensors, continuously capturing the smallest movements at least 200 times per second, keeping the balance all the time. The innovative road control bar Leansteer® makes driving easy and precise, allowing you to conduct more firmly.It weighs only 12.8 kg and can run up to 16 km / h, which is 4 times faster than normal walking speed. It is even possible to move at an angle of 15 ° in various road conditions without sacrificing safety and stability. The dual motor system provides strength and stability. It works almost like a motorcycle, but the difference is that it has a low noise level and is easy to maintain.The dynamic power algorithm automatically recognizes the surface and road conditions and dynamically adjusts the instantaneous power, depending on the situation. When approaching a small obstacle, the power increases immediately. This increases the stability of Ninebot mini, allowing you to move comfortably. It has a chassis height of 9 cm and dampers carefully designed to significantly reduce the sudden impact. The IP54 rating allows you to travel even in the rain.For your safety, there is a lighting system consisting of automatic headlights and LED taillights. The headlights illuminate the road ahead up to 5 m. The two LED tail lights are blue. They turn red when you stop and turn yellow when you turn left or right. You can adjust its backlight and choose from up to 16 million colors and combinations.There are two different ways to control your Ninebot mini - just start running or control it with your phone via Bluetooth. Rotate 360 ​​° and easily adjust the speed and direction of your phone. Now you can present gifts with your Ninebot mini and even compete with your friend Ninebot.It has a 18650 lithium battery of high performance and high capacity that runs up to 1,200 watts and is perfect for longer trips. This battery also has an intelligent system battery management. It monitors the status of each battery in real time, distributes the load when the battery is low and automatically alerts the phone to ensure that all trips are safe.The Ninebot mini is constantly learning to improve your driving experience. The intelligent self-learning algorithm combines 10 years of experience Ninebot and Segway. It uses integrated weight sensors, motion, speed, temperature and power to capture the movements of the body and uses this information to create the algorithm that works best for you.The magnesium alloy body weighs just 0.6 kg provides greater damping efficiency is more elastic and has good heat dissipation and can withstand heavier loads than aluminum alloy. The structure is also covered with corrosion resistant material to withstand travels.This wheel combines 16 years of experience and Segway Ninebot 400 and uses proprietary technologies to create superior security features. The Ninebot mini has been tested up to 50 tests of reliability and reached military-grade standards for performance and durability.

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Marque Xiaomi
Catégorie Trottinettes
Couleur black
Identifiant Fruugo 51510569-103678520
EAN 8711456248572
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