Mini Laser Mole Pen Usb Plug-in White One

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Mini Laser Mole Pen Usb Plug-in White One

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Product Name: Mini pen Material: ABS + Stainless Steel Power Mode: Using the USB connector (no built-in battery, no rechargeable battery) Input: DC 3.7-5.0V Frequency: 50Hz -60 Hz Body size: 131 x 22 x 22mm Weight: 28.4g Size of the outer box: 161 x 65 x 35mm Weight: 75g Supplier: 1x host, 1xusb cable, 1x fine needle, fine needle 5x, User manual 1x Function: 1. Mini Smart, battery freight, plug and game, safe and comfortable - 2. Ionization carbonization technique, precise power control, contact carbonation, fast removal of surface pigment and inner pigment 3. Detect violent and coarse sputum and needles and fine needles to meet the different skin cleaning requirements Scope of the width on the part of the discharge, automatically enter the standby mode if you do not work to work This product is easy to use, you have no problem in your own operation (if you Can not use it, you can help your family and your search for your friends) 2. What can I do not do? is widespread, like sputum, mart, mart, grease, fat particles, spots, etc. 3. Is it converted to use? If this is not the case, a repetition problem will be possible. Use a soothing cream that does not cause damage if it is used correctly. 5. Is there a scar after use? The correct use and maintenance leave no scar. Do not touch the water in three days after ordering and avoid eating colorful materials

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