Mannol 1L 2-Takt Snowpower Fully synthetic Engine Oil API TC+ ISO L-EGD Jaso FD

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Mannol 1L 2-Takt Snowpower Fully synthetic Engine Oil API TC+ ISO L-EGD Jaso FD

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MANNOL 2-Takt Snowpower API TC+Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:API TC+ISO L-EGDJASO FDROTAX 253 SnowmobileBOMBARDIERSKI-DOOLYNXARCTIC CATPOLARISYAMAHA MANNOL 2-Takt Snowpower is a unique oil with synthetic base for two-stroke engines of snowmobiles, utility terrain vehicles, quad bikes, scooters and other vehicles used at cold temperatures and in harsh environmental conditions. The special oil formula provides high burn-out degree and prevents surface ignition. Thanks to the low pour point (-42 °C) it provides safe cold cranking. MANNOL 2-Takt Snowpower contains a hydrocarbon mixer which provides stable instant oil and fuel mixing in frosty weather. Increases the engine life by reducing friction and consequently the wear-out. Endures race loads. Prevents deposits from forming in the engine and in the piston rings. Has perfect detergent properties. Is designed for systems with direct injection and previous mixing with gasoline. Is red for easier identification. The recommended proportion for mixing fuel with gasoline is 1:50 (check the vehicle producer’s recommendations).

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Marque Mannol
Catégorie Huile de moteur pour véhicules
Identifiant Fruugo 51576456-103874127
EAN 4036021101675
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