1 Piece Cleaning Kit For Earphones, Keyboard, Mobile Phone White

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1 Piece Cleaning Kit For Earphones, Keyboard, Mobile Phone White

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Multi-Cleaning Kit for Headphones & More - Return Your Gadgets to like-new condition Are you one of those people who hates dirt and other stuff getting stuck in hard-to-reach places and compromising functionality and making your tech look old? With the 3-in-1 multi-purpose cleaning kit for AirPods and more, you can access and clean your earphones without damaging the product, and the triple usable and well-designed cleaning kit for all earphones, keyboards, mics, phones and toads, etc. . Use this clever tool Save Time with 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit for Effective Headphone Cleaning Restore your AirPods (all generations) with a variety of built-in multi-tools: metal-tipped cleaning pen, soft dense brush, and smooth flocked sponge. The cleaning kit provides easy access to corners and other hard-to-reach spaces. Example: Cleaning Headphones Use the metal tip and brush to remove heavy dirt and particles, and use the flocked sponge to get inside the charging case of your wireless headphones. The brush also accesses the soundhole, as does the microphone and phone. Dirt on your headphone wire harness can make you hear badly, but with a cleaning kit it's easy to keep everything shiny clean and air free Compatible with most gadgets 3-in-1 cleaning pen/brush/flocking sponge When cleaning especially delicate places, handle the metal tip with care

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