Strategy Game, 2-in-1 Board Game For The Whole Family

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Strategy Game, 2-in-1 Board Game For The Whole Family

Strategy Game, 2-in-1 Board Game For The Whole Family

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Beautiful and sturdy wooden board with 2 fun strategy board games - Chinese checkers game Halma (60 wooden game pieces, 10 of each color) and 5 in a row game Go or Gobang (30 white and 30 black wood and stone). Includes game manual for game collection. The object of the Halma game is to move 10 pieces from the starting triangle on the board to the opposite triangle. This game can be played by 2-6 players. Suitable as a board game for the elderly and children. Play five in a row with 2 players. The first person to arrange tiles of five colors (black or white) in a row wins the game. The strategy game Go originated in China more than 4,000 years ago. These tiles can also be used to play a smaller version of the game Othello (also known as "Cops and Robbers"). Both board games are suitable for children and adults aged 6+. A fun family board game and a great gift idea for Christmas or birthdays for adults or kids. Strategy games/brain games are both easy to learn and very fun. Also great as a travel game for the holidays. SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: The safety of our toys and the happiness of our children is our top priority. We craft our wooden toys with the utmost care and love for our children and the environment. Our toys are made from sustainable wood.

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