Ganvol Inflatable Water Sprinkle Mat for Kids 170cm Compatible with 5/8 in Hoses

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Ganvol Inflatable Water Sprinkle Mat for Kids 170cm Compatible with 5/8 in Hoses

Par Ganvol

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Fun garden toy for this summer If you are looking for summer garden toy for your grandchildren who are staying at home during the summer holiday, look no further. They will love splashing on the Ganvol sprinkler play mat, if not squealing with delight. Enjoyable outdoor water toy to cool offDuring warm and hot weather, the greatest enjoyment of little boys and girls is playing with water. The Ganvol splash water play mat is a great water toy to cool them off in the garden. Adjustable water spray heightLove being able to change the height of water with water pressure and still be able to play with the shallow water with great pictures on. Hours of fun in the garden for kids of different ages with this incredible playmat sprinkler Unlike paddling pool that small kids do not enjoy as it does not hold much attraction, the Ganvol water splash pad offers guaranteed fun Easy setupThe Ganvol splash play mat is a lot easier to set up and pack away than a normal inflatable pool or water slides. Very easy to use and set up as long as you have a residential garden hoses with 5/8″ internal diameter (not included). No stagnated waterUnlike the blowup paddling pools, the Ganvol backyard play mat is less messy and more fun. No worries about stagnated water in the paddling pool. Clean storageAlso super easy to drain the water out and dry for next time Doesn't need to stay out all summer like a paddling pool catching bugs and leave

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Marque Ganvol
Catégorie Jets d'eau pour enfants
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