Topping A90 Xlr Pre-amplifier Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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Topping A90 Xlr Pre-amplifier Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Par slowmoose

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849,00 € & la livraison GRATUITE

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Features: Full Balanced + SE Headphone Output---A90 Has Three Output Headphone Jacks of 4-pin-XLR4.4 Balanced and 6.35 SE to Meet Different Usages. A90 is Provided with a Wide Range of Adaptation to Headphones.---The SE 25Vpp / Balanced 49Vpp High Output Voltage Along with High Output Current & Less Than 0.1 Ohm Output Impedance A90 is Equipped with Three Gain Settings of -9.5dB/ 0dB / 9.5dB for SE and -35dB / 6.0dB / 15.5dB for Balanced. The Noise of Merely 0. 2uVrms Makes A90 Easily Adapt to All Types of Headphones from Extremely Sensitive IEMs to Most Power Demanding Full Sized Over-ears. It's a Great Companion of Active Monitors Stacked with D90 DAC when A90 Work As Pre-amp Application. DAC + Pre-amp Appplication Specifications: Built-in Battery: No Recommended Headphone Maximum Impedance: 501-600 Ohm Output Type: LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT) Output Type: Balanced Out Input Type: RCA Input Type: XLR DSD (Direct Stream Digital): Yes Body Material: Aluminum Package: YES Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.2*4.5*16cm Model Number: A90 PCM: Yes Bluetooth: No Type: Professional Amplifier

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Marque slowmoose
Catégorie Amplis casque
Type Silver
Identifiant Fruugo 51325864-103089580
EAN 3503914182772
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