Egg Light Incubator Lighting 9 Lights Chicken Lanyard

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Egg Light Incubator Lighting 9 Lights Chicken Lanyard

Egg Light Incubator Lighting 9 Lights Chicken Lanyard

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The LED lamp incubator provides a brighter and colder light source that does not harm embryo development, making the observation process safer. Moreover, this egg tester under LED light can be used to check whether an egg is fertilized or monitor its embryonic development. [Easy to view] To check whether the egg hatches normally, just place the widest end of the egg on the lamp holder and turn on the LED lamp to observe. Moreover, you can always see the appearance of the fertilized egg, and egg markers are very useful for observing the growth of the fertilized egg. [Multi function] The Phantom Egg Test Lamp is not only suitable for people who want to incubate eggs, but also for children and students to learn the incubation process. Note: Using a tester to test eggs in a dark environment will give you a clearer view of the growth of the chicken. [High quality material] The LED lamp egg tester incubator is made of high-quality metal and rubber, which is sturdy and durable, ensuring long-term use. In addition, the powerful egg tester is a simple device that can help you check whether the egg is fertilized, and whether the embryo can develop and hatch.

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