Bluetooth Camera Stabilizer Cortex-m4-cpu 200mhz Lcd For Panasonic Canon Sony

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Bluetooth Camera Stabilizer Cortex-m4-cpu 200mhz Lcd For Panasonic Canon Sony

Par Feiyutech

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1 149,00 € & la livraison GRATUITE

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The AK2000S is a portable stabilizer three axes, specially designed for users who use cameras for video creation. More than just a single micro-camera, AK2000S covers most micro-individual cameras / conventional SLR market. The design search light in appearance, portable, coordinated and quick and simple operation, strengthening the control and integration of camera and fully resolving the video creation needs professionals to enthusiasts. The AK2000S is committed to be a useful stabilizer and create more possibilities for creating images.Steady as Taishan, smooth as silkThe main engine with high torque and high magnetism brush industry, high voltage unit 16,8V to ensure that the power is free, with the new control algorithm W6Method make the error angle less than 0.05 °, as always stable.A new generation of torque tracking algorithm, with smoother and faster operation speed of response; Meanwhile, the sensitivity of the follower can be set at various levels to facilitate the useTo burst. Let creation flow like a cloud, flowing like a "mirror" to the end.Load border, micro-single / SLR can be installedThe AK2000S was designed to be lightweight, portable and durable, suitable for the installation needs of a variety of models and accessories.The engine adopts a new generation of CPU core CortexM4 + 200MHz. The engine control frequency is up to 20,000 times a second.2 Torque is strong and the load can reach 2.2kg. It can be easily adapted to various conventional cameras.The body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy spatial extent, and its weight is only 1.1 kg; It is almost A4 paper size in the storage state and can be packed in a single bag; there is no pressure to perform and shooting.Pot removable high, high and lowEnter the detachable design of the lifting pot in the series of micro-stabilizers. Lifting accessories can be highlighted, which may allow the free exchange of the double form of the handle / single handle assembly of the pot lift, adapting to the most usage scenarios, allowing photographers to release creative inspiration.touchscreen Feiyu, convenient one-handed operationExcellent continuous line, equipped with a large LCD touch screen. You can feel the convenient operation of the touch screen without the mobile phone application and control the horizon anytime, anywhere; at the same time, touch screen lock is closely defined to prevent accidental touch and a "mirror" at the end.wireless radio, sound and imageIt can be equipped with a wireless radio package for a remote collection sound, allowing photographers to get rid of the distance of the sound collection and easily put the sound in the bag, "sound and image."refined appearance, feel comfortable, the handle is combined with a rod-pink after more than ten grinding processes, creating a warm and comfortable feel; the collision of logs and metal provides an extraordinary temperament, highlighting the difference.The arc of the handle design follows the principles of ergonomics, making it more comfortable to hold. Between the grip, feel fusion technology and temperature.engine lock + quick installation system, update the shooter experienceThe three axes are equipped with individual latches heart warm engine that can be used to attach the three axes during the leveling and storage to prevent shake.finishing system 2.0: the fitting design fast is fast fitting bottom plate and the rapid secondary filler panel is compatible with the quick-fit system Aka, performing continuous switching from conventional quick locking system; the filler panel design quickly realizes the true snap operation of 1 second.instant, exciting picture without waitingThe motor response speed is improved and the boot does not expect: Under normal circumstances, the startup time is 2 seconds and the hot start in sleep mode is 1 second to quickly start shooting, it's good to lose all times wonderful.One click to open a variety of trendsNo extra operation, you can insert photo with long exposure time-lapse / space to steal dreams / internal timer Mog / vertical shooting, etc., to unlock a new popular gameplay. A machine + a button to solve various shooting needs such as professional photography, Vlog, vibrato.Support more accessories and create more possibilitiesFollow focus brushless: With multifunction button, you can precisely control the focus and easily control the "virtual and real".Remote control by Hyperlink: You can control the tilt and yaw rotation stabilizer stabilizing the operating buttons or somatosensory remote control.extension rod: it can be used as a simple rocker or simulating low-altitude aerial photography.lifting pot holder: You can use the type of lifting pot for shooting at low angles.Support stable expansion of the tilt axis: can fix the camera in both directions, reducing vibration and expand more peripheral.Suitable for: Sony x9, a7R4, a7R3, a7M3, a7R3, a7S2, a7R2, a7M2, A7s, a7R, a7, a6400, a6300, A6500, RX100V, RX100V,

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