Absolute Aromas, Geranium Bourbon Oil, 10ml

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Absolute Aromas, Geranium Bourbon Oil, 10ml

Par Absolute Aromas

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Absolute Aromas Geranium Bourbon Oil 10ml Geranium (Bourbon) Oil is sourced from the island of Reunion and has a beautiful fresh, green, rose-like aroma. The oil is clear to light green in colour. Geranium has excellent all-round, balancing qualities and is particularly favoured for use in women. Bourbon Geranium has a pungent smell which may dominate other essential oils when used in a blend. For use as a refreshing bath oil, mix 1 drop Geranium with 2 drops Lavender and 2 drops Mandarin in 5ml Sweet Almond Oil. You could also use these same essential oils, in the same quantities, in 10ml Peach Kernel for use as a hydrating body moisturiser. Bourbon Geranium is the most highly prized of the Geranium family and comes from the island of La Réunion, 500 miles east of Madagascar. La Réunion has the perfect climate and soil conditions for the propogation of this plant. Important to Note... DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY.


Marque Absolute Aromas
Catégorie Vitamines et compléments alimentaires
Identifiant Fruugo 24729374-53507409
EAN 800783112101
Numéro de TVA du détaillant GB815076047

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