Camera Flash Godox V860ii N-ttl For Nikon 2.4g 60gn 1/8000

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Camera Flash Godox V860ii N-ttl For Nikon 2.4g 60gn 1/8000

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"TTL lithium battery high speed2.4G slave master without automatic wireless TTL compatible integratedV850II is widely used and most professionalSuitable for wedding photos tracking / outdoor portrait / night scene / nature inside deadStill life shotHighlights the color and texture of objects.night sceneDo not be afraid of the Darkwedding monitoringGood texture fill, enough lightshooting portraitsCreate bright eyesHigh Speed ​​Synchronization 1 / 8000SThe V860II with transmitter X2 / X1 can achieve high-speed sync 1 / 8000S, natural light with high-pressure opening, keeping every wonderful moment.front and rear curtain synchronization channels ·Which is frozen, can emit a series of flashes on a photoRegister entire process of moving objects. creative photoQuick return callannual electricity high speed2000mAh capacity battery, support 1.5s fast recycling, full light output about 650 timesShenniu system Bluetooth function ×The X V860II integrated receiver supports wireless flash trigger X1Xpro / X2,The 2.4G external signal is more stable, up to 100m away.Mode dual master-slaveThe V860 has a built-X system and only transmitters X2 / X1 / X-PRO are synchronized off cameraThere is no need to press the receiver, the light can be used as the main control mode, trigger other system lights × embedded in SLRCharger VB-18The quick charging takes about 3 hours. Supports car charger, there is no need to travelConcerned about the power shortage (car load line must be purchased separately)The importance of a good source of energy.01 shot higher speedYou can complete tasks faster02 faster continuous shooting timequick call in 1.5 seconds, so the picture do not miss any wonderful moment03 lower brightness timemore stable freezing point, sharper pictures04 more stable outputThe fluctuation of the color temperature is small, which is very important for the subsequent stage of the photo group.05 more photos2000 mAh battery, maximum power up to 650 flashes06 The outside shot is easier to carry110g weight, reduce the heavy burden of external photosFresnel lensOptimize the optical survey design to ensure that the light is distributed evenly after the issue and there is no difference in the angle of the four corners.Fixed update systemThe firmware update system can keep the outdated flash lamp for a long time, and the update connector is a universal USB interface.LCD screenlarge screen, light clear and intuitive background.Large Index GN6060GN (m ISO100), 22 dimming levels (1 / 1-1 / 128) supporting the M-mode / multi / S1 / S2, automatic adjustment of the head lamp 20-200 mm or manual focus. Output with high brightness, darkens the environment "

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