Camera Flash Godox Tt520ii 433mhz For Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Olympus Panasonic

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Camera Flash Godox Tt520ii 433mhz For Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Olympus Panasonic

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Built-in wireless, quick callback, various modes, compatible with a wide variety of free rotationStrong compatibility and wide applicationSuitable for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and other SLRs of a touchReceiver built-in wirelessFlash out of the machine is more convenientReception integrated wireless 433 MHz, standard RT transmitter, easy to get a threePhotography at various anglesFree rotation and variable shooting, the flash can be vertically TS521 90 "* 270 horizontal rotation shot is more convenientVarious operating modesM.S1.S2 three operating modes can be switched at will according to different requirementsclear buttons and easy operationManual mode MA total of 8 Output speed can be adjusted and the power can be adjusted according to different shooting environmentsreception mode S1Able to receive the signal from the head lamp as a secondary lamp to flashreception mode S2The secondary light from the main light is needed to trigger the slave light, which can effectively prevent the pre-flash deviceExternal connection of the power boxIt can be used with the power box or PB960 PB820 ShenniuIt only takes 0,1-1,5S to continuously take up to 500-600 photosExplanation of operationCapture mode set-topStep 1: Turn on the power and set the OFF button on 0N to turn on the power.Step 2: Change the mode to manual mode by pressing the M MODEThird period: the power can be adjusted through the addition of buttons and subtração.A maximum output full light is at least 1/128.shooting mode off cameraStep 1: Turn on the power and set the OFF button to ON to turn on the power.Step 2: Switch S1 mode by pressing the MODE keyStep 3: Set the channel transmitter and flash channel to the sameStep 4: Install the transmitter on the cameraFresnel lensThe design of the Fresnel lens has a stronger focus effect, ensuring that the light is distributed evenly after the issue and there is no difference in brightness from the four corners.optical receiverThe TT520 flash comes with a controlled light receiver, which can receive the main source of light to trigger the flash at any time and easily perform flash controlled by light.distribution baseDistribution TT520 - a base support outside the machine with a screw on the basis 1/4 to install various media.wide angle diffuserThe built-in wide angle diffuser can spread the light to cover a wider range of fill light by pulling the diffuser.

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